Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund (NPC) Win a Car Competition

Today I Made The Choice To Be a Part of The Solution & Stand Together in Mossel Bay

And now I’m in-line to

Win a Nissan 370z

Click Here for The #Best Initiative by The Mossel Bay Covid 19 Fund NPC

We are giving away this sporty Nissan 370z to the value of R265000.

  • This Sporty Nissan 370Z could be yours.
  • For the love of sharing and caring.

…… and if you would like to be the New Owner of this Sporty Nissan 370z…… then you need to make a minimum donation of R200. Each R200 equals one chance to win.



Draw is 100% positively after the sale of the remaining chances. What are your chances of winning? Someone is walking away with the Sporty Nissan 370z.You need to Donate R200 to get one entry. If you Donate R400, you get 2 entries and so on.

To enter, make your Donation below:

***Draw Date: To be Announced (T’s&C’s Apply)

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Donate R1000 for Food Relief – Pay

T’s&C’s Apply

You can then Whatsapp us on 0836321233 or Call us on 0813618632 if you have not received your confirmation after 5 working days.

This is our 1st car giveaway in The Fight Against Covid-19 in South Africa,

Maybe it’s your turn to win.

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The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund is a secure way for individuals and businesses to contribute to the effort to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The fund will enable us to:

  • Send essential supplies such as personal protective equipment to frontline health workers and volunteers.
  • Help prevent infection and care for those in need.
  • Deliver groceries and food to the elderly to minimise their risks of contracting Covid-19
  • Bring Relief to individuals effected by The Covid-19 epidemic
  • Business Relief to businesses effected by The Covid-19 epidemic

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As this outbreak evolves, funding needs are likely to increase.

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Most Popular: Donate R200 for Food Relief –  Pay

Thank you for your help in fighting the effects of The Covid-19 Epidemic.


By entering, you agree to the terms & conditions of this Promotional Competition hosted by Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund NPC and no claims may arise out of it.

The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund Promotional Draw is open to any entrants, 18 years and older, who enter by Donating **R200 or more to The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund in support of the fight against the Covid-19 effects in Mossel Bay and surrounding areas, (or any other participating products that may be made available by the Directors during the period of the promotional competition).  Participants will receive one (1) entry per every **R200 Donated. **Ticket prices may change during the period for promotional purposes on specific days in support of Organisations in the fight against the effects of the Covid 19 Epidemic. Participants may gain as many entries as they like through the amount donated.

The Promotional Draw may not be entered by employees, directors or agents of The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund NPC. 

The draw will be conducted by an independent party and the name drawn on the stipulated date and time will be the deciding winner of the prize, which has been decided on as a Nissan 370Z.  The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

In the case where a refund has been paid out, the entry will be deemed invalid and another winner will be drawn.

***The date of the draw may change to a later date, at the discretion of the organisation, in a case where less than the desired amount was raised and to allow for additional time for recovery of the expenses of the competition and the prize. 

The entries are recorded by an audit of the The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund Account Statements, containing each entrants’ initials, surname and contact number or e-mail address and the winner will be chosen by a random selection process. A live broadcast of the draw will be hosted on The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund’s Facebook Page at:

on the date of the draw.  Entries that don’t contain the correct reference may be deemed invalid.  Where an email address is used (for example payment made via the online payment portal), it is the entrant’s responsibility to supply preferred contact information to The Mossel Bay Covid-19 Fund at:

The winner will be informed telephonically and / or by e-mail.  The winner does not need to be present in order to be eligible for the prize.  The winner also gives his / her explicit permission to have their name publicised in public on radio, social media, the organisation’s Facebook website and wherever else the organisation deems appropriate. 

The prize may not be transferred or exchanged for cash or any other goods or services.

The winner may collect their prize in person at their convenience within a 10 day period.  Should the prize be left unclaimed and uncollected for more than 10 days, the prize may be forfeited by the original winner and a new winner may be drawn using the same method.

The winner should provide all relevant documentation required when claiming their prize, including a valid Identity Document together with a driver’s license of the winner or his or her nominated driver.

Mossel Bay Covid 19 Fund

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T’s&C’s Apply